Nurturing Vedic Touch
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Awaken To Emotional Freedom

Compassionate touch & presence were the most powerful things I witnessed as a Physician Assistant.  

As a Lifestyle focused Physician Assistant for 7 years with 21,000+ face to face patient interactions across multiple disciplines and a broad socioeconomic range, I was blessed to witness the power of compassionate touch and presence to heal. Now I understand why it works so well. Read more about this phenomenon here.

I taught self care techniques to thousands of patients. It was beautiful to witness the transformation that arises from calming overwhelm and creating peace in the mind. To see patients become empowered to live the life they desired.

How Does Touch Help? 

It calms overwhelm, helps us to find clarity and empowers us to live the life we desire. Touch is multifaceted and includes emotional, physical and  spiritual aspects. Read more about touch here.

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching  & Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga are offered in a safe and nurturing environment, facilitating peace of mind, clarity and empowerment.

Benefits include:  

  • less overwhelm

  • decreased physical pain

  • improved energy levels

  • improved sleep  

  • release of limiting emotional beliefs 

  • emotional freedom

  • clarity

  • peace of mind

  • lower stress levels

  • improved digestion

  • decreased muscle tension from stress

  • increased flexibility

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About Your Mentor, Kristen Jardine

Kristen is an Intuitive, Empowerment Expert, and Lover of Life.  Her life long journey has centered on awakening to a struggle with intimate relationships, beginning with herself. Early in life she discovered a love of movement and nutrition leading to a degree in Sports Medicine, then certification as an NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach. She achieved an M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies with subsequent certification after a strong desire to serve others in a more expansive way arose. Working across multiple disciplines in medicine with diverse socioeconomic range, she focused her practice on lifestyle changes. This interest led her to complete a 7 day Nutrition Immersion Program at Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health followed by T. Colin Campbellā€™s Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition Certificate course. Yearning to integrate all this holistic health into her practice, she considered establishing a coaching practice when she discovered Lifestyle Medicine in 2014.  In 2015, she left her native Massachusetts for Texas to practice Lifestyle Medicine, but fate landed her in a Digestive Health position intimately learning the process of the digestive tract. It was here she deepened her understanding of digestion: physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

It was always her purpose to offer love to humanity through compassionate touch & presence. 

In 2009, Kristen adopted a Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan diet, learning first hand the healing power of plants. Struggles with overwhelm, lack of clarity and feeling stuck led her to study the ancient traditions of the healing arts.

The healing arts opened Kristen to a new life mission to help others find their own empowered emotional freedom and create the lives they want through self-love practices.

When she began her yoga practice 5 years ago, she discovered the power of breath, meditation and self-love for transformation. As she deepened her studies, she observed the powerful ability of compassionate touch and presence to heal. In over 21,000 patient interactions she witnessed first hand the ability of compassionate touch and presence to heal. She resigned medicine in November 2016 to bring compassion into healing. As she explored ancient traditions of the healing arts, she obtained a 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher certification and Reiki Master level certificate before discovering Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, which showed her the truth that compassion is love. She believes that when we have a deep intimate empowered connection to self we find clarity and are empowered to change. We find the emotional freedom to live the life we want.

Nurturing Vedic Touch was Founded in September 2017 to provide this service to humanity through Intuitive Empowerment Mentoring and Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga. 


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