Vedic Touch
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Many of us reach a point where we feel overwhelmed, fatigued, pressured by time demands, experiencing muscle tension and body aches, feeling unfulfilled and stuck in our lives. 

You’ve achieved so much in your career and perhaps have a family many would envy, yet something deep down is still missing. 

By now, you’ve already tried so many things, yet nothing seems to help. You’re losing faith, joy, and are uncertain about  your next step in life.

So How Do You Surrender Stress, Calm Your Mind & Restore Your Vibrant Health And Energy For Life?

Vedic Touch

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About Rev. Kristen Jardine

My journey has been an Awakening to Intimacy WithIN Me. I remember believing I was broken and being told pills would fix it. 

I chose to follow My Heart, and a path of Life Giving Resurrection unfolded in 5 layers: 

Physical - Sensorial Nourishment; 

Breath - Stillness; 

Mind - Witnessing My thoughts;

Intuition - FEELing My heart;


Bliss - ReMembering Giving to Me.

I chose to resign, and then retire from medicine to create a New Healing Paradigm for Humanity. 

A Paradigm that IS Life Giving and Resurrecting.

Vedic Touch