Nurturing Vedic Touch
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Many of us reach a point where we feel overwhelmed, fatigued, pressured by time demands, experience muscle tension and body aches, feeling unfulfilled and stuck in our lives. 

You’ve achieved so much in your career and perhaps have a family many would envy, yet something deep down is still missing. 

By now, you’ve already tried so many things, yet nothing seems to help. You’re losing faith, joy, and are uncertain about your next chapter in life.

So How Do We Reclaim Peace Of Mind, Restore Our Health And Energy For Life?

Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga

Lifestyle Mentoring 

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About Your Therapist, Kristen Jardine

My journey has been about awakening to intimate relationships, beginning with the relationship I have with myself. As a teenager I watched my paternal grandmother die of cervical cancer, after sacrificing her own health to take care of my grandfather, who had Alzheimer’s. It inspired me to start taking better care of myself through nutrition and exercise, culminating in a degree in Sports Medicine and certification as a strength and conditioning coach for several years. Inspired to help others in a more expanded way, I chose to become a Physician Assistant.

Extraordinary amounts of stress while studying to be a Physician Assistant led to having Mononucleosis. For about 2 years afterward I lacked physical strength, energy and immunity against common respiratory illnesses. Research called it “post-mono syndrome” and offered few, if any solutions. The tipping point came when a Physician suggested an Immunology referral; I said no thank you. Convinced there was a better way, I chose to take my health into my own hands. I transitioned to a whole foods plant based diet with remarkable improvements in both my physical and emotional health.

Continued struggles with overwhelm, fatigue, lack of clarity and feeling stuck while working as a Physician Assistant (PA) led me to try so many things: nutrition, exercise, changing jobs. Then I was introduced to the ancient healing traditions of Yoga through a mentor. Determined to find a better, more holistic alternative to managing stress rather then a prescription, I immersed myself in a 4 day retreat and learned powerful ways to find peace of mind and ease. A redefining of my relationship with stress. As I deepened my studies I learned the powerful ability of compassionate touch and presence to heal.

In my career as a PA across 21K+ patient interactions in multiple disciplines, I witnessed the power of compassionate touch and presence to facilitate healing in others. It was so remarkable that I resigned medicine. As I continued to explore the ancient traditions of the healing arts, I discovered Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, which brought me back home to God and the truth that compassion is love. It has had a profound healing impact on my life.

It is why I do the work that I do: empowering others through Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga and Lifestyle Mentoring to find peace of mind, health and fulfillment in life again.