Nurturing Vedic Touch
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Touch is essential for health.

Compassionate touch and presence were the most powerful things I witnessed in my 7 years as a Physician Assistant.  

In my 7 years as a Lifestyle focused Physician Assistant, I had over 21,000 face to face interactions with patients across the disciplines of spine surgery, internal medicine, inpatient family medicine and digestive health. Compassionate touch and presence were consistently the most powerful facilitators of healing that I witnessed in patients.  Now I know why. Read more about this phenomenon here.





How Does Touch Help? 

I offer compassionate touch as a way to restore your health and vitality through Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching and Intuitive Life Guidance in a safe and nurturing environment, facilitating the release of past traumas and belief patterns for over all well-being. This is done through the 3 aspects of touch: emotional, physical and metaphysical or spiritual, and all the layers of touch that exist in-between. Read more about touch here.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:  

  • better immune function

  • decreased pain - including arthritis, neck/back pain, joint pain

  • improved endocrine function, including thyroid

  • increased concentration/focus

  • better sleep quality

  • sense of connection

  • restored feelings of vitality 

  • lower stress levels

  • improved mood

  • decreased anxiety

  • improved digestion

  • increased efficiency of the lymphatic system

  • decreased muscle tension

  • increased flexibility



My past experience, in depth medical knowledge of the human body, nutrition, Ayurveda, essential oils, yoga, a deep intuitive understanding of energy pathways, Reiki, trauma informed approach, supportive presence and the ability to facilitate what the body needs makes each session a unique nurturing healing experience.

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About Kristen

My background is unique. Empathic and energetically sensitive at a young age, my life has been a journey in cultivating safe, compassionate transformative touch as a result of early childhood trauma. Self-study of nutrition and movement initially led to work in the fitness industry and later brought me to a career in medicine as a Physician Assistant. 

In 2013 yoga entered my life and taught me how to support my patients with presence. In February of 2016 I had a profound experience:  in speaking with a patient, I became a conduit. I felt a Divine presence of love within me, guiding my actions and words.  This particular patient had been severely traumatized and had a miraculous turn around afterwards. It was Divine, Godly intervention. It became clear how essential physical, emotional and metaphysical touch is for health. 

In my 7 years and over 21,000 patient interactions as a Lifestyle focused Physician Assistant across the disciplines of spine surgery, inpatient family medicine, internal medicine and digestive health, compassionate touch and presence were the most powerful facilitators of healing I witnessed. In November 2016 I resigned and transitioned to the healing arts. I found my dharma in Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching in June 2017, through which I was initiated into the lineage of Sri Danvantari by The Vedic Conservatory. Through this art I found my own healing of past trauma and improved vitality through renewed faith.

In September 2017, I founded Nurturing Vedic Touch to bring love back  as a healing medicine by empowering women who feel unfulfilled to transform through touch into a place of empowered deep inner connection and bliss in order to live their soul’s purpose through Intuitive Life Coaching and Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga.   

Ideal clients are: looking for a gentle and holistic way to improve their health and vitality; ready to take the next step toward inward growth; and those who have experienced trauma seeking someone with experience in healing trauma. You will know if this is right for you. 


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