Nurturing Vedic Touch
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Touch is essential for health.

Compassionate touch and presence were the most powerful things I witnessed in my 7 years as a Physician Assistant.  

I have experienced the stress, anxiety and pressures of the medical field first hand. It is a challenging place to be -  helping others daily in unfathomable numbers while struggling to find time to take care of yourself.  

In my 7 years as a Physician Assistant, I had over 21,000 face to face interactions with patients across the disciplines of spine surgery, internal medicine, inpatient family medicine and digestive health. Compassionate touch and presence were consistently the most powerful facilitators of healing that I witnessed in patients. 





How Does Touch Help? 

I offer a way to restore your health and vitality using a gentle healing arts approach in a safe and nurturing environment and facilitating the release of past traumas and belief patterns for over all well-being.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:  

  • lower stress levels

  • improved overall mood with less anxiety 

  • improved digestion 

  • improved efficiency of the lymphatic system

  • decreased muscle tension

  • increased flexibility

  • improved pain - including arthritis, neck/back pain, hip/knee/ankle pain

  • improved endocrine function, including thyroid

  • increased concentration

  • improved quality of sleep 

  • restored feelings of vitality and well-being.



Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching

also known as Nuad Borarn,is a medical folk art that originated in Thailand. Derived from the integration of martial arts and Ayurvedic philosophy, it is a form of assisted stretching using a sequence of various poses, known as asanas, together with mindful breathwork and compassion to induce the receiver into a state of meditative relaxation. Flowing rhythmic compressions are gently applied using the hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet with careful attention to Marma points, chakras, Sen lines and areas of muscle stored tension. The result is reduced muscle tension, myofascial release and release of past traumas and preconditioned behavior patterns with renewed well-being and vitality. 


Vedic Thai Therapy

Is an integrated trauma informed approach which combines Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching with Reiki, essential oils, presence and individualized life guidance. Special attention is given to Marma points, chakras, Sen lines and areas of muscle tension to restore overall health, well-being and vitality.  


My past experience, in depth medical knowledge of the human body, a deep intuitive understanding of energy pathways, trauma informed background, supportive presence and the ability to facilitate what the body needs makes each session a unique healing experience. 



About Kristen

My background is unique. Empathic and energetically sensitive at a young age, my life has been a journey in cultivating safe, compassionate touch as a result of early childhood trauma. Self-study of nutrition and movement initially led to work in the fitness industry and later brought me to a career in medicine as a Physician Assistant. 

In 2013 yoga entered my life and taught me how to support my patients with presence. In February of 2016 I had a profound experience:  in speaking with a patient, I became a conduit. I felt a Divine presence of love within me, guiding my actions and words.  This particular patient had been severely traumatized and had a miraculous turn around afterwards. It was Divine, Godly intervention. It became clear how essential physical, emotional and metaphysical touch is for health. 

In my 7 years and over 21,000 patient interactions as a Physician Assistant across the disciplines of spine surgery, inpatient family medicine, internal medicine and digestive health, compassionate touch and presence were the most powerful facilitators of healing I witnessed. In November 2016 I resigned and transitioned to the healing arts.

I found my dharma in Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching in June 2017, through which I was initiated into the lineage of Sri Danvantari by The Vedic Conservatory. Through this art I found my own healing of past trauma and improved vitality through renewed faith. The delivery of touch with the intention of Bhakti yoga, devotional loving service, in combination with yoga stretches, pranayam (breathwork) and rhythmic, flowing compressions provides gentle release of past traumas and pre-conditioned beliefs by promoting a state of deep meditative relaxation in the recipient. The nature of the art inherently balances mind, body and spirit in a safe and gentle way.  It is a trauma sensitive approach to healing.   

I am a Vedic Thai Therapist specializing in Trauma and Marma Therapy. I work with clients who are:  looking for a gentle and holistic way to improve their health and vitality; ready to take the next step toward inward growth; and those who have experienced trauma. You will know if this is right for you. We all deserve safe touch. 


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