Changing Cellular Memory For Health

Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, or Nuad Borarn, integrates intention in combination with an induced deep meditative state in order to facilitate healing.  Previously, I wrote about the power of intention as a form of touch.  Intention plays a large part in this healing art.  Based upon the Ayurvedic Philosophy of Bhakti Yoga, devotional loving service, the intention becomes very powerful; there is no power greater than God or Higher source.  The giver serves only as a vessel, and is guided intuitively as to how to proceed with the session.  The result is that no 2 sessions are exactly the same because every individual is unique.

We know from Bruce Lipton’s work in the field of epigenetics that our health is influenced by the preconditioned belief patterns and memories that are essentially “downloaded” and programmed into our subconscious mind during the first 6 years of our life.  From his work, we also know that it IS possible to change the cellular DNA that contains these downloaded belief patterns through intention and repetition (see his website for more details:  We also know that trauma has a huge impact on cellular memory from a scientific perspective.  What is so cool about all of this is that when you integrate it with Eastern science and energetics, you find that this field of epigenetics explains how and why Nuad Borarn, or Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, is such an effective healing art modality.  

Trauma is stored in the myofascia as a physical symptom, and in terms of dis-ease, the physical body is often the last place where it presents itself. I focus on trauma as it is an often-overlooked source of dis-ease, and at the root cause of most, if not all, stress that creates such dis-ease. Viewing this through an Ayurvedic lens, when the initial trauma occurs, no matter what form it is in, it impacts the 5 kosas, or energetic sheaths, which are extensions of the physical body.  Because all 5 of the kosas overlap, the effects trickle outward. No two individuals experience trauma in the same manner.  The nature of the trauma may impact all 5 kosas immediately, or it could take years for it to show up in each layer depending on the individual’s level of awareness.


The trauma directly impacts the innermost kosa first, known as anandamaya kosa, the blissful body; where mind and body are united creating feelings of unconditional love, acceptance and inner peace.  This is followed by impaired intuition and knowledge as it reaches Vijñanamaya kosa, the wisdom body.  From there, it continues to the Manomaya kosa, the psycho-emotional body; where mental dis-ease is perpetuated.  Then, it impacts Pranamaya kosa, the energy body.  Once it’s passed through the energy body, it impacts Annamaya kosa, the physical body or food sheath.   

With Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga, the goal of each session is to induce the receiver into a deep meditative state of bliss. This is accomplished by accessing each of the kosas. Greater awareness of the physical body occurs through rhythmic compressions and stretching, accessing Annamaya kosa.  Guided pranayama (breath work) encourages deep rhythmic breathing as well as synchronization of breath with movement, engaging the Pranamaya kosa.  Deep relaxation allows for calmness and stillness in the mind, which addresses  dis-esase in the Manomaya kosa. Once there is synchronization of body, breath and mind, access to Vijñanamaya kosa is obtained and the intuitive knowledge that is present here allows the receiver to have deeper insights about themselves and the universe as a whole.  What follows next is a deep state of peace and tranquility that occurs with the union of body and mind found in Anandamaya kosa; the blissful body. 


The overlying intention of loving devotional service shifts the cellular memory during the course of a session.  Thus, preconditioned belief patterns are replaced with loving devotion while in a meditative state.  The result is a gentle release of traumas and negative emotions as the recipient gains a deeper awareness into their own body.  The side effects are feelings of improved health and vitality; a safer and more compassionate approach then traditional medicine. 


With gratitude,



Kristen Jardine