Curing Nausea....with Touch

Touch is powerful.

One such case that stands out was from my work in Digestive Health.  We got consulted to see a young black woman in her mid-20’s for chronic nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.  The supervising MD I worked with on that particular day called to tell me that he had checked in on her, and he suspected it was cyclic vomiting from Marijuana use because it “fit with the history” and her endoscopy was negative. I was asked to see her in follow up. 

She was a beautiful black woman with a passionate interest in political science; the words alone brought a vibrant light and sparkle to her eyes as she explained her passions.  For 2 years she had suffered with nausea and vomiting, had undergone many procedures which were always negative.  Many meds had been prescribed with little relief of the symptoms. It it had gotten so bad that she lost her appetite and as a result lost weight.  She had started smoking marijuana to control the symptoms so she could eat.  It was the only thing that had helped her so far.  

My first question to her was if she had stress?  She said no, her stress levels were manageable.  So I asked her what she does; turns out she was in college full time with a double major, one of which was political science.  On top of that she was working 2 part-time jobs upwards of 30 hours a week to pay for her education. She was living with her parents to save money.  A “gut feeling” guided to ask if she felt supported by her parents in her endeavors. It brought this beautiful woman to tears, the answer a clear NO. 

My heart ached for her, I did the only thing that FELT right to do:  I offered to hold her.  She gave permission, so I hugged her as she cried, the tears rolling down her face and shared her stresses and challenges of the past 2 years. How hard she’d been working and how unsupported she felt.  Inspired by another “gut feeling” I told her the following: 

>You are a beautiful and strong woman

>You are brilliant and will be successful

>You are loved

>You are supported 

> I believe in YOU.

After several moments,  she sat up.  What happened next was MIRACULOUS:  with a look of awe on her face she told me her  nausea and abdominal  pain were gone AND she was feeling hungry again!!  It was so beautiful to witness. 

We spent a few minutes talking about self-care skills for stress and I promised to come visit the next day.  She was doing so well, they decided to discharge her several hours later and called me for an order. When I walked into the room a NEW woman met me.  She was Empowered, energized and vibrant; extolling about all the wonderful and amazing goals she planned to achieve, including a TEDex talk.  I have no doubt she’s out there kicking ass right now.

TOUCH IS POWERFUL. It exists in many layers: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitive, and Spiritual.  Touch is perceived through all the senses:  sight, sound, taste, sensation and smell. And so, it is possible to “touch” another in many ways beyond physical. 

This inspired my decision to resign medicine and it is the reason why I now practice Vedic Thai Therapy; a  NATURAL approach to healing. One that doesn’t require pills and procedures.  When we understand the source of stress creating dis-ease in the body we can heal it naturally by learning self-care skills to surrender to it. 

In surrender we find ease and balance by peeling back the layers and discovering the BLISS that has ALWAYS existed within each of us. This is what brings VIBRANT health and fulfillment in life. 

This is what I have to say now: 

IMPOSSIBLE = I’m Possible.

You can live a vibrant and fulfilling life

You can heal naturally 

Touch is powerful 

You are supported 

You are deserving 

You are LOVED

I believe in YOU 


Does this story resonate with you?  Do you know a woman who has had this experience? I want to hear from you beautiful women, and what your experience has been.

My passion is to EMPOWER women to restore their health and find fulfillment in life, naturally.   



Vedic Thai Therapy blends Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga with Intuitive Lifestyle Guidance combined with the wisdom and experience gained from working in Allopathic medicine.