Intention With Presence

To be fully present is to have intention with presence.  In this context I am referring to intention, as a thought for which there is a purpose toward an action, for example Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching or prayer/mantra, being delivered.  Intention, in of itself, is a powerful form of touch.  It creates the energy vibration perceived and interpreted by the sensory cortex in the brain, whether the touch is physical, emotional or metaphysical. 

Physical touch, known as the tactile sense or somatosensation, is perceived as a result of a neural loop that involves 3 types of sensory receptors in the skin and hair follicles: thermoreceptors (temperature), mechanoreceptors (pressure) and nociceptors (pain).  The neural loop works as follows:

sensory receptors in the skin carry the energy signal (an action potential that creates a nerve impulse) along a sensory neuron entering through the dorsal root of the spinal cord. The signal is carried along the spinal cord to the sensory cortex in the brain for interpretation.  Once interpreted, the signal travels back down the spinal cord to the muscle via a motor neuron exiting the ventral root of the spinal cord. 

When the intention is one of compassion and love, the vibration carries feelings of safety, nurturing and warmth.  When touch is perceived as safe, nurturing and warm the signal is to trust and relaxation occurs in the muscles. If the intention is to physically manipulate the tissue for relaxation, then the sensory cortex is more apt to interpret the signal with caution, increasing muscle tension.  Why is this important?  Because, the delivery of touch influences the ability of the receiver to perceive feelings of safety and trust, both which are paramount to achieving a meditative relaxed state.  It is with this deep relaxation that the gentle healing of past trauma and belief patterns occurs during a Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching session.

Let’s look at an example of touch in the metaphysical sense.  Intention is also powerful when used with vocalization such as prayer or mantra, both of which move energy through vibration.  As I mentioned in my last post, sound vibrations influence emotional perception of touch.  When delivered with the intention of love, compassion and healing miracles can happen!  This is demonstrated in the video below, in which a woman with bladder cancer is cured in 3 minutes!  Intention and prayer are used to promote healing at a metaphysical level, removing the energy imbalances that perpetuated the dis-ease and restoring her health.

As 2017 comes to a close, I invite you to consider the intention behind your touch.  We each have the power to help another through touch, whether it is physical, emotional or metaphysical.   Setting our intention will direct the perception and the outcome.  It only takes one drop to create a ripple in a pond. So let’s choose a powerful and positive intention for 2018, and create that ripple together, shall we?