Nurturing The Rose Within

Spring is a time of transformation, rebirth and new growth.  It brings to mind the time I was blessed to meet and work with a beautiful woman named Tania during my career as a Physician Assistant.  Thoughts of her bring a feeling of warmth, gratitude and expansion to my heart for her role in my life at that time. She provided much needed inspiration and encouragement to take the first step on this path with an abundance of compassion. One day in conversation, after I had been struggling for some time, she handed me a piece of paper with this quote printed out: 

 Photo By K. Jardine

Photo By K. Jardine

The memory brings tears to my eyes because that moment changed my own perspective of who I was in the world. Of the struggle I was feeling, and the path I had begun. 

The spiritual journey is much like a rose bush.  Seeds are the thoughts; they are planted, watered and allowed to germinate.  It is during the germination (or rest) period that growth occurs.  Once the seedling sprouts through the soil, representing new beginnings, care must be taken to prevent weeds, the preconditioned beliefs/actions, from invading the space needed for the new plant to breathe, grow and expand.  Water and soil fertilization provide the inner nourishment necessary for sustained growth and expansion; here they represent self-care.  Bees and butterflies, the community support, aid in pollination. This allows the rose bush to reproduce; equivalent to learning new beliefs.  Flower buds are the culmination.  And once the bud has arrived, the rose prepares for it’s greatest unveiling:  to blossom into full existence. 

So now I germinate. 

With gratitude, 


Kristen Jardine