Owl’s Lesson In Intuition & Reality

After having spent 2 hours or so blissfully walking trails and exploring creek beds with a friend this past weekend, I was driving home from the park mulling over non-attachment from a different perspective.  A lot of the journey has been about letting go of attachments to material items, pets, people, thought patterns, emotions and preconditioned behaviors.  With the arrival of spring, there has been a need to clear clutter, reorganize and reprioritize.

For the past 2 years or so there has been an owl charm hanging off the rearview mirror in my car. Owl has represented wisdom, knowledge and intuition on this journey.  I have met several people of which Owl is their primary animal totem.  All fascinating people to converse with as they represent a diverse spectrum of wisdom and knowledge.  Several times over the past few months I have considered removing the charm and giving it away, but there was always a hesitation, almost as if the time had not yet come.  So it remained ever present, gazing at me.  In the past year I had added a single feather earring as well as a gold sun earring I found at Barton Springs last summer. This talisman of sort traveled with me everywhere I went, reminding me of the deep innate wisdom that arises from intuition.  

Today, driving home it came across my consciousness that it was time to take it down and pass it on. I was mulling over the question of where I would donate it when I pulled up to a red light.  While stopped, there was a sudden urgency take it down straight away as someone was in need.  So I did.  As I looked up, there was a man walking down the sidewalk with a sign, asking for help.  Placing my hand out the window holding the charm I called him over.  

He was overjoyed at the sight of the owl. It turns out, Owl is his animal totem, and he has collected several talisman over the years.  Not only has it been his totem, but Owl has helped him to guide others away from danger and to provide insights for himself as well. He told me his name is Will. Well, his joy and gratitude at receiving this spontaneous gift created a reciprocal joy and blossoming in my own heart.  To love completely and not pass judgement on others; a powerful lesson. But also to apply the same principal to ourselves.

Every person we meet has a story, and a journey.  Each and every experience we are gifted with is a lesson, if we have the ears to hear it and the eyes to see it.  In this case, Will was a reminder to extend compassion not only to others, but to also to myself.  Having compassion for my own experiences rather than entering a place of judgement, analyzing or diagnosis which creates a state of chaos, unrest and dis-ease. When we judge others, in reality we are judging ourselves.  Our reality, experiences rather, are a direct reflection of our actions powered by our mind and thoughts. Intuition guides our reality, if we know how to listen.

Intuition is a place of non-judgement, non-diagnosis, and non-analysis.  It is a space that when honored, solidifies our trust, faith and love; both within and from above.  When embraced intuition guides us when to surrender and receive, and when to be empowered to action; finding balance between the Feminine and Masculine.  I invite you to tune in to your own intuition and change your reality. 

With Gratitude,


Kristen Jardine