What is the relationship of faith, trust, love & fear?

Fear is something we all experience in various ways; the unifying factor is, it exists as a thought only.  How amazing that a single thought is possible of creating so much distress. In this life I have experienced fear of failure, being witnessed for who I am, fear of acceptance, fear of self-worth, and fear of the dark to name a few. The wonderful news is that fear cannot coexist with faith and love.  I’ve come to discover that full love and acceptance of one’s self negates fear in many ways, but it is embracing love and faith in God, or a higher Divine power, that creates a sense of safety and trust; in life, in others and in self.  

When I first discovered self-love in it’s entirety, bliss ensued; to be honest it has not ended.  What greater feeling exists than that of internal bliss and joy from honoring and valuing one’s own special needs? No one will ever know how to love you better than yourself; we are each our own greatest lovers.  Consider this:  who knows how to love you in all the ways you want better than you? 

 Photo credit: Kristen Jardine

Photo credit: Kristen Jardine

Having a healthy abundance of self-love is amazing, but imagine the bliss expanding into unlimited capacities!  With a return to faith in God, to the Divine Union of the masculine and feminine as one entity which exists within each of us, the expansion was wondrous.  Faith imparts the understanding that we are not in control, God is in control.  God is present for all the challenges and blessings we experience in our life which shape our own unique individuality for service to others.  We may choose to listen or not; that is the “control” that we have. Connection to God is accessible through our intuition which derives from heart centered awareness. We either expand with joy or contract with discomfort when faced with a decision. Following intuition creates expansion and results in synchronous rewarding moments.  These moments support the success and prosperity that God has blessed us with by following our soul’s mission for this life. 

Then there is trust.  Last week I contemplated the meaning of trust, and how it is similar to self-love; we must trust ourselves in full to expand that trust to others.  I have considered this at length the past few days and it too has evolved in meaning.  Like love, the sense of trust in our life expands immensely when God’s guidance and support are fully embraced; the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Both must be present to balance growth with stability, creativity with action, intuition with wisdom. When we trust in God’s will, magic happens.  Some might call this a miracle, I call it aligning with our soul’s purpose.  Alignment with this purpose creates the rewards of success and prosperity when we connect with our soul tribe whom we are to serve. 

With gratitude, 


Kristen Jardine