Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga  

Transform overwhelm and find clarity & empowerment through release of limiting emotional beliefs. Relieve tension and stress in the body to reclaim your health and vitality. All this is done while you are in an effortless state of deep blissful meditative relaxation!

Also known as Nuad Borarn, a medical folk art that originated in Thailand derived from the integration of martial arts and Ayurvedic philosophy. It is a form of assisted stretching using a sequence of various poses (asanas) delivered with the intention of Bhakti yoga (loving devotional service) in combination with yoga stretches, mantra, pranayam (breathwork), guided visualizations/meditations, Reiki and rhythmic, flowing compressions applied using the hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet with careful attention to Marma points, chakras, Sen lines and areas of muscle stored tension. The receiver remains fully clothed during a session.


Lifestyle Mentoring

Calm overwhelm to understand and find clarity on underlying limiting emotional beliefs that have left you feeling stuck.  We’ll work together to release them in a safe space.  Together we’ll create a step-by-step process to integrate this empowered emotional freedom into your daily routine, maintaining accountability so you manifest the life you desire!