Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching 

Also known as Nuad Borarn, a medical folk art that originated in Thailand. Derived from the integration of martial arts and Ayurvedic philosophy, it is a form of assisted stretching using a sequence of various poses, known as asanas, together with mindful breathwork and compassion to induce the receiver into a state of meditative relaxation. Flowing rhythmic compressions are gently applied using the hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet with careful attention to Marma points, chakras, Sen lines and areas of muscle stored tension resulting in reduced muscle tension, myofascial release with renewed well-being and vitality. 

Offered as a 60 minute session.

Vedic Thai Therapy 

A gentle integrated trauma informed approach combining Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretches with Reiki, essential oils, presence and an individualized consultation. Special attention is given to Marma points, chakras, and Sen lines and areas of stored muscle tension to restore health, well-being and vitality.  

Offered in 75 minute and 90 minute sessions.


Monthly memberships are available for both Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga Stretching and Vedic Thai Therapy.  Please contact me for details and rates.