A relaxing &meditative experience

"My time with Kristen was short but amazing. I was actually able to relax so much that I lost any concept of time and my immediate surroundings (which was a loud party so that says something). She has great ability to be present and in tune. As a body worker myself, I know this can be challenging... The session reminded me how much I love bodywork and how transformative it can be and it gave me a fresh perspective as to why I do it and continue to do it even after 21 years! And the timing, as usual with these things, was divine. I hope to receive more sessions from Kristen!" ~Lesley N. 
"I was very sore and overwhelmed when I went to see Kristen for a Vedic Thai session.  Her calming demeanor and cheerful outlook were uplifting.  The massage itself was delicious.  I could feel the tension in my joints and muscles melt with her nurturing touch.  The stretches felt like they were aligning tendons, muscle and bone.  It was like a great yoga class without any effort. More than that, I was able to reach a place of deep relaxation during the session and enjoy a restful meditative state.  I immediately felt better after our time together.  Before I went in, I was very swollen and tender.  After I left, the swelling went down in my joints and muscles.  I slept deeply and felt refreshed when I woke up.  I also felt emotionally fortified.  I had a lingering chest cold that finally begin to break up after the massage.  Pains I had before the session in my pelvic floor disappeared.  I would recommend a session with Kristen to anyone that wants to feel better." ~Sheila 


Improved Health

"About two years ago I began experiencing cramping and muscle spasms in my calves and feet. These symptoms began at a time I also had begun riding a bike as part of my exercise regime and taking a brain supplement that promotes neuron connection. I began increasing my electrolyte, vitamin, and salt intake as the cramping in my feet seemed more prominent after a workout. Nothing helped. The muscle spasms I could live with but the cramping in my feet was bad and getting worse. I thought maybe the brain supplement had something to do with it so about a month ago I ran across the person who introduced me to it and asked if this side effect had ever been heard of. It had not. During the same conversation another individual, Kristen, asked had I ever considered the cramping and spasm a sign of some sort of block. I consider myself open minded and understand to a degree the mind, body, spirit connection but had not considered this at all; I assumed it to be a completely physical issue. Kristen performed a short Vedic touch routine on my feet, calves and legs as I relaxed and breathed. The cramping, that I was experiencing that night, went away. The cramping and spasms have not come back since  at all! I am amazed at the turn of events. I can ride 20 miles or so 2-3 times week along with other stretch band type exercises along with Kundalini Yoga, and meditation in different poses with no cramping at all - none! Kristen's Vedic touch was quite an experience, I felt compassion in her touch, and completely at ease, very light. Ever since that short session I feel I am thinking clearer, more driven towards my goals, more at ease, and literally have no bad side effects from working out too hard some times which I tend to do. 
I highly recommend a session with Kristen; I will be back soon!" ~Stephen 
“I recently had abdominal surgery and Kristen’s work was very gentle and much needed!  Her medical knowledge was also a great gift as she knew exactly what I needed.  Grateful for the experience.” ~Stephanie 


 Stress relief & overall well-being

"Kristen is an intuitive healer - but she blends this with her medical therapeutic training. She is able to understand physical issues you may be facing and then tailors her bodywork therapy to your needs. Love her approach and calming demeanor." ~David M. 
“This was an incredibly unique, special, and inviting massage experience. In just 15 minutes I was able to connect with my mind and body in a new way. I really appreciate the incorporation of scent, lighting and music that created such a comforting and magical environment for my very first Vedic Thai session.” ~Jordan
"I recently received an hour long Vedic Thai session from Kristen and absolutely loved it! I have had Thai Massages before, but I think she's my new favorite! She took great care to see to each part of my body and I walked out of the session on Cloud Nine. Highly recommend that you grab a session with her right now!" ~Brittany R.